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Q&A with Denver mayor candidate Kelly Brough

I see a city of promise: a place where all people have access to shelter and housing. Where we all feel safe and take pride in our neighborhoods. Where parents can age in the houses they raised their kids – and those kids can afford to buy homes and plant roots, too. A city with a world class education system and a set of strong civic and arts institutions that nurture community. A region working together to address transportation and...


The Contenders: Kelly Brough Brings Combo of Life Challenges and Executive Experience

Together with significant experience working in the public sector — as a legislative analyst for Denver City Council, chief of staff for then-Mayor John Hickenlooper and president and CEO of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce — that background has become one of Brough’s primary pitches to Denver voters to show that she has the professional chops and empathy gained through tough life moments to become an ideal Denver mayor.

Four Regional Mayors Endorse Kelly Brough’s Plan to Address Homelessness

Four Regional Mayors Endorse Kelly Brough’s Plan to Address Homelessness Mayoral candidate Kelly Brough unveiled her plan to address homelessness Tuesday, pledging to work toward a regional and data-informed solution and committing to end unsanctioned encampments within the first year of her term. “This is an incredibly complex and challenging problem, but one thing we all agree on is that living on our streets is unsafe and inhumane,” Brough said. “We have to do better as a community. I’m committed...

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Kelly Brough: “We can build a city where we can all live”

Kelly Brough aspires to be Denver’s first Mayoress. She brings with her extensive experience in the private sector and the public administration. Brough was Mayor Hickenlooper’s chief of staff. The candidate has extensive knowledge of the challenges facing the city and how to face them. She confidently states, “I know many families are struggling, mine is too. I can tell you that we can do better than we are doing today.” Read the full article in English or Spanish.

Brough Releases Community Safety Platform

Mayoral Candidate Kelly Brough Releases Community Safety Platform Brough joined by Law Enforcement and Civil Rights Advocates Standing outside the Denver Justice Center on Wednesday, Mayoral Candidate Kelly Brough laid out her vision for a safer Denver flanked by unlikely allies, including former Denver Manager of Safety Al LaCabe and former Director of Public Policy for the ACLU of Colorado Denise Maes. “Restoring the Promise of Denver starts with ensuring safety for everyone in our community. We cannot deny that...

The Colorado Sun

A 401(k) for homeownership? Colorado housing leaders offer up solutions to affordability problem.

Giving employers a tax break to help workers buy homes could help ease the state’s housing crisis, a group convened by Colorado’s U.S. senators says. A 401(k)-type savings program for homeownership, more funding for federal housing support and a national incentive program modeled after a Colorado policy are among the proposals by a group focused on easing the state’s housing crisis.

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Kelly Brough on snowplows, childhood lessons, and the transformative power of work

Kelly Brough (MBA ’89) has held some interesting jobs in her career, including human resources director for the City and County of Denver, chief of staff to former Mayor John Hickenlooper, and snowplow driver at Stapleton International Airport. Throughout her life, she has been a trailblazer: she was the first female to hold various positions—including her current title at the Denver Metro Chamber.

One Colorado Ally Spotlight: Kelly Brough

Watch Kelly’s Ally Spotlight from One Colorado: During the 2015 legislative session, Kelly led the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce (then, as its president and CEO) in opposing religious exemptions legislation that didn’t align with the inclusive and collaborative culture in Colorado. Her fearless leadership helped to ensure that many Colorado businesses stood with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Coloradans, and closed the door on discrimination that would allow people to claim their religious beliefs give them permission to pick...

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