Kelly on the Issues

In 1986 I came to Denver looking for opportunity and found it.

Over the last 30 years, this city has provided me a chance to build a career, nurture a family and find meaning, purpose, and joy. I love Denver, but I know it is not at its best today. We have work to do to restore the Promise of Denver and create the kind of welcoming, vibrant community we know and love. Learn more about my plans to tackle Denver’s biggest challenges and capitalize on its greatest opportunities.

Community Safety

Restoring community safety is fundamental to realizing the Promise of Denver – and it is closely tied to our education, economic development, housing, and health care strategies because safety is integrally linked to opportunity, stability, and health. Creating a safer Denver will require thoughtful, nuanced policies and comprehensive approaches. But more importantly, it will require the leadership, commitment, and persistence to build trust.


Safety and dignity for all Denverites is at the core of the Promise of Denver. Living on the streets is neither safe nor dignified – for the people experiencing homelessness or the broader community. Unfortunately, in recent years, this is a problem that has grown significantly and spread across all parts of Denver and our region. Our unhoused neighbors each bring a unique set of circumstances that have led to their position. We need to recognize that there is not a single, monolithic homeless population and so we need a coordinated set of nuanced, population-specific approaches. 

My Guiding Values

The issues facing Denver are serious and there are no simple solutions. I have concrete ideas for action for each policy priority. But, ultimately, making progress on these issues requires values-driven leadership. These are the values that inform my leadership and will guide my administration in all our work to restore the Promise of Denver.

Believe in the promise of Denver

Join Kelly Brough to bring promise and possibilities to our city.