"Running a non-profit dedicated to creating more affordable housing in east Denver, I know how urgent the need is. It is essential that Denver's next mayor partners with local organizations and builds the coalitions necessary to make substantial change quickly. Kelly has the executive experience to get the job done."
Monica Martinez
Community Leader
"I don't know of another person more qualified, more knowledgeable, or more prepared to lead this City. She sees the City and its challenges from the inside out and the outside in--the City as it is; the City as it can be; as it should be. It's been a long time since we've had such a clear choice among the candidates about who is best ready to lead the City."
Susan Casey
Former Councilwoman
"I support Kelly Brough because she has proven she can lead with courage and compassion. She is an authentic leader who exemplifies humility and quiet confidence. Kelly is exactly what Denver needs--a strong leader who has no agenda except to bring people together in a unified vision. She is a CEO, not a politician."
Debbie Herrera
Community Leader
"I worked with Kelly when she was the Director of the Denver Career Service Authority and the Mayor's Chief of Staff. In both jobs, she was always brilliant, poised, and a great leader."
Luis Corchado
Community Leader
"Denver is facing enormous challenges and we simply do not have time for a mayor who needs training wheels in their first years on the job. Kelly is the only candidate with the executive experience we so desperately need in this moment. I have known Kelly for over 20 years, and Kelly's executive experience and positive leadership style will move Denver forward and proactively address our most pressing issues, such as affordable housing, crime and people feeling unsafe, and economic development."
Juanita Chacon
Community Leader
"In the years that I have known Kelly, her kindness, integrity and leadership ability have impressed me. She's a truly authentic, honest and humble leader who's knowledge of Denver and the needs of the city are always foremost in her actions. She will make a truly exceptional mayor and will lead this city in solving the issues it is currently facting."
Nick Nuanes
Former Denver Fire Chief
"I've seen Kelly in action and I'm behind her 100 percent. Not only does she se the promise of Denver, she can deliver it."
Jeanne Robb
Former Citycouncilwoman
"Kelly is a wonderful, supportive and visionary person. It is in her nature. I have known Kelly for a long time, but most importantly, we worked together for many years in the City. Together we managed successfully many complex and difficult challenges and I never doubted her desire to do good for the people of our City. It has been one of the greatest privileges of my life to know and work with Kelly."
Bill Vidal
Former Mayor of Denver
The Colorado Blueflower Fund has endorsed Kelly Brough for Mayor. The Blueflower Fund is a "...community of thousands of progressive Coloradans...committed to helping elect pro-choice, Democratic women...." The endorsement email to Kelly states, "We are an all-volunteer organization and are thrilled to support your hard work....Thank you for running and we wish you the best of luck this campaign cycle."
Colorado Blueflower Fund
"Denver is at a critical juncture. Its success is truly tied to who is elected as our next mayor. To me, there is only one choice: Kelly Brough. I have known and worked with Kelly for the past 30 years. She is brilliant, a convener of all viewpoints, and truly loves Denver. Kelly knows how to run the city, is innovative, and has articulated solutions for the big issues. She can make tough decisions, and will build the best team to create and implement what is needed to achieve the promise of Denver. This is Kelly. Kelly Brough for Mayor."
Michelle Lucero
Community Leader
"For the past 15 years, I have interacted with Kelly on various levels: as a business leader, a volunteer, and most recently as a small business owner. I have always felt that she wants people and businesses to succeed, and there's room for all. She is what Denver needs in a mayor."
Donna Baros
Small business owner and community leader
"Denver City Hall needs a CEO like Kelly Brough and not just another politician. She displays the skill, leadership, experience, vision and compassion to sustain the things we all love about Denver — and to transform what needs to improve. Now, more than ever, Denver needs Kelly Brough as its mayor."
Denver Gazette
Editorial Board
"We are pleased to share our endorsements for the upcoming April 2023 election. All of the candidates were thoroughly vetted by an interview committee, the DMAR Government Affairs Committee and the DMAR Board of Directors. Endorsements were based on candidates' support for homeownership, housing, property rights and a willingness to collaborate on key issues impacting Denver."
Denver Metro Association of Realtors
"It was a pleasure learning more about your campaign and positions on the important issues surrounding housing policy in Denver. The City has a lot of work to do in this area but please know that the Home Builders Association is 100% committed to supporting Denver’s next Mayor and City Council in addressing the bedrock principles of housing attainability and making the dream of home ownership a reality for Denver residents."
Metro HousingCoalition
Home Builders Association of Metro Denver
"Kelly Brough has earned my wholehearted endorsement for Denver Mayor. In terms of relevant work experience, compelling personal story and sound policy ideas, Kelly stands head and shoulders above the competition. Brighter days are ahead for Denver with Kelly at the helm!"
Larry Trujillo
Retired Denver Fire Chief
Former Director Homeland Security-
State of Colorado
"I believe she's the leader we need for the time we're in."
Bill Ritter
Former Governor of Colorado
“As Chair of the Denver Metro Mayor’s Caucus, I know the impact that the growing numbers of people experiencing homelessness have had on our communities across the region. I have read Kelly Brough’s plan, and it makes sense for Denver and for the region. I know she is the leader who can bring people together to end encampments and expand housing and sheltering in a smart, efficient and effective manner. “
Adam Paul
Mayor, City of Lakewood
“Kelly’s right-homelessness is a regional challenge that demands a regional response. Her plan is thoughtful and actionable. More importantly, she has the experience and leadership qualities necessary to take on this complex issue starting on Day 1.”
Jackie Millet
Mayor, City of Lone Tree
“Kelly Brough’s plan is focused on safety for all people in Denver – those who are unhoused and housed. She is not afraid to make hard decisions about how to allocate limited resources and when to end programs and approaches that aren’t working. She is committed to ending encampments and creating more housing and evolving our shelter system, so it better meets the needs of the diverse populations experiencing homelessness. Her proven record of effective collaboration will be valuable as we work together across the region to end homelessness.”
Laura Weinberg
Mayor, City of Golden
"I am supporting Kelly Brough because she is ready to dig in and get the work done on day one. She understands the complexities of the City, the need for a regional approach to solve some of our toughest challenges and has the heart and leadership to move us all forward together. "
Michelle Trujillo
Community Leader
“In 1984 I was the finance director for the Monty Pascoe for Mayor campaign. That's how long I've worked in Denver politics. You do the math. I have never seen a candidate with the intelligence, compassion, and most important, the experience to lead this city and the region. When you look at her life and work experience, you realize that she actually cares about people like you and me. Kelly Brough is the mayor Denver needs. Please join me in supporting her."
Susan Barnes-Gelt
Former Councilwoman
Marc Williams
Mayor, City of Arvada
“Kelly Brough’s plan is achievable, and I believe she will be an effective partner with mayors across the region to successfully reduce homelessness in the Denver metro region. “
Herb Atchison
Former Mayor, City of Westminster
“As Chair of the Housing, Homelessness and Hunger Committee, for the Metro Mayor’s Caucus, I support Kelly Brough’s data-driven and collaborative approach to address homelessness that is impacting all of our communities. Her compassion coupled with clear goals and timelines will be valuable as we work together to solve this crisis across the region.”
Bud Starker
Mayor, City of Wheat Ridge
"We need a Mayor who is going to make restoring community safety a top priority. A Mayor who understands the complexity of the challenge she faces. A Mayor who can attract the kind of talent needed to build a strong, intentional culture within our public safety agencies. A Mayor who has the grit, determination, and proven leadership skills to make change happen."
Al Lacabe
Former City of Denver Manager of Safety
"Kelly Brough is the leader we need now in Denver. No one can question her extensive executive experience and her knowledge of Denver city government and the challenges Denver now faces. She is also a unifier with the unique ability to bridge divides. Given her life experiences, she also brings to the job compassion and an unequivocal commitment to community. She will deliver the promise of Denver. Let's elect Kelly as our next mayor."
Denise Maes
Campaign Co-Chair & Founder of Maes Solutions

"Kelly Brough is the leader Denver needs right now. Her extensive executive experience, inside and outside of city government, coupled with her ability to bring diverse groups together make her the best choice to be Denver's next mayor. I hope you join me in supporting Kelly Brough for mayor."

Chris Herndon
Campaign Co-Chair & Denver City Council Member
"I am proud to support Kelly Brough for Mayor of Denver. Families in Denver Urgently need a City that works for everyone. They need a Mayor who understands and works effectively for good neighborhoods, safe streets, quality jobs, sensible transportation, active parks, public health and environment, strong schools, fairness, and good government. I believe Denver is at a turning point. The next Mayor must have the skills, work ethic, and values to do it all, from day one. This was a hard choice for me, because so many of these candidates share my values for justice and equity. So many have honorable records of public service to Denver and Colorado. But Kelly is the one who possesses all the values, skills and experience I think we need at this critical moment. She has my vote."
Carol Boigon
Former Councilwoman

"As a small business consultant, I hear daily from small businesses about the barriers and challenges they face. I am supporting Kelly Brough for mayor because Kelly understands that small businesses are an indispensable part of Denver's vitality and quality of life. Kelly understands what small businesses need to thrive, and she has the proven leadership and passion to get the work done."

Danny Martinez
Small Business Consultant & Community Leader
"I've known Kelly for 20 years and I've seen her in action as CEO/President of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce as one of 40 board members. Kelly is an authentic leader and can produce results for Denver. I've seen her bring diverse people together to solve real issues. Kelly is the promise Denver needs."
Perla Gheiler
Community Leader

"Kelly Brough has a City-wide perspective, having been Mayor John Hickenlooper's chief of staff while I was on City Council. She then deepened her executive experience during her time as head of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce. Kelly started off her life with some tough challenges, and overcoming these challenges has made her determined to see that no one is left behind."

Marcia Johnson
Former Councilwoman

Other Endorsements

Aaron Perlut

Adeeb Khan

Amy Edinger

Brad Clark

Cathey Finlon

Cedric Buchanon

Chad Gentry

Cody Belzley

David Fine

David Wollard

David Asarch

David Foster

David Steel

Denise Maes

DJ Close

Erin Trapp

Gabe Cohen

Greg Movesian

Heidi Baskfield

Helen Atkeson

Jake Swanton

Jane Prancan

Jean Galloway

Jerry Glick

John Beeble

John Huggins

Jon Kinning

Josh Miller

Juanita Chacon

Katherine Rizzuto

Kirk Mielenz

Kyle Chism

Lance Enders

Laura Rizzo

Laurie Simonson

Laurie Troge

Leanna Clark

Leslie Oliver

Linda Childears

Lisa Zoeller

Lori Fox

Lorii Rabinowitz

Michelle Lucero

Mike Dino

Mike Zoellner

Ned Minor

Paul Lhevine

Richard (Buzz) Geller

Ryan Conover

Sam Bailey

Sara Thompson Cassidy

Sean Walsh

Sheila MacDonald

Stephanie Donner

Tamra Ward

Tasha Jones

Thomas Downey

Trey Rogers

Will Simpkins

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