Kelly Brough for Mayor
Code of Conduct

As we head into the final stretch before the April 4th election, and there is increased public attention on this race, we wanted to offer a few reminders about our team’s values and our expectations of our campaign team, our volunteers, and our supporters.

Our Values:

  • We respect the views of others, especially those who may disagree with us.
  • We are open to listening and learning from others, including other candidates.
  • We are passionate advocates for our candidate, our city, and our values, but we are always respectful and never aggressive or disrespectful of others in our advocacy. This is particularly important to remember on social media platforms.
  • We are not running against anyone, we are running for a brighter future for our city and all of our residents. We have great respect for everyone who is running for public office in this election.
  • We are committed to running a positive campaign focused on our candidate’s experience and the issues facing our city. We never disparage.

Our Key Messages:

  • Denver is a great city, full of promise. But, unfortunately, we’re not realizing that promise today.
  • The challenges facing Denver – crime, homelessness, housing – are real and urgent and impacting people from all backgrounds, in all parts of the city.
  • We need a mayor who will be ready on Day 1 to tackle those challenges and set a new course for Denver.
  • Kelly’s unique combination of experiences – personal and professional – have prepared her for this job, in this moment.
        • This is an executive job and Kelly is an executive leader.
        • She is the only candidate who has built and managed the city’s budget, led the city workforce of 13,000 employees, worked both sides of the Council / Mayor relationship and taken late-night phone calls on public safety matters.
  • Kelly has the experience, compassion and temperament needed to lead Denver forward, earning her endorsements from a broad and diverse coalition of leaders and organizations, including Former Governor Bill Ritter, 5 sitting Mayors from Denver-metro cities and The Denver Gazette.
  • Kelly has built a strong campaign – good fundraising, long and growing list of endorsement, increasing name recognition – but we need your help to finish this phase strong and propel her into the run-off.

Believe in the promise of Denver

Join Kelly Brough to bring promise and possibilities to our city.