Five Regional Mayors Endorse Kelly Brough's Plan to Address Homelessness

Mayoral candidate Kelly Brough unveiled her plan to address homelessness Tuesday, pledging to work toward a regional and data-informed solution and committing to end unsanctioned encampments within the first year of her term.

“This is an incredibly complex and challenging problem, but one thing we all agree on is that living on our streets is unsafe and inhumane,” Brough said. “We have to do better as a community. I’m committed to working across the region to maximize funding and resources, expand sanctioned and supported camping, shelters and housing options and partnering with service providers. Additionally, we need to work to prevent homelessness in the first place.” 

Flanked by current and former mayors – Mayors Adam Paul of Lakewood, Laura Weinberg of Golden, Bud Starker of Wheat Ridge and former Westminster Mayor Herb Atchison – Brough’s plan accounts for the unique needs and circumstances of those facing homelessness, relies on timely regional data and results in immediate change. Informed by dozens of conversations across the country and locally with service providers, elected officials, and community leaders, the plan features short-term and long-term approaches that are coordinated and compassionate, nuanced and population specific.  

Lakewood Mayor Paul, past chair of the Metro Mayor’s Caucus, endorsed Brough’s homelessness plan. 

“I know she is the leader who can bring people together to end encampments and expand housing and sheltering in a smart, efficient and effective manner,” says Lakewood Mayor Adam Paul.

Brough’s multi-faceted approach requires not only providing housing, which is essential, but mental health care, treatment for substance abuse disorders, childcare, employment help and other wrap-around services critical for those experiencing homelessness.

Her plan includes:

  • Eliminating unsanctioned encampments from Denver’s streets.
  • Working across the region to establish a coordinated and aligned strategy so the challenge doesn’t fall solely upon Denver. 
  • Strengthening our regional data infrastructure to ensure we have timely, accurate and complete information and the ability to do sophisticated analysis. The data will help define the population and needed services so Denver can effectively allocate its resources, including the $254 million already budgeted to address homelessness. 
  • Preventing homelessness by focusing on keeping those struggling in their homes and supporting those at risk of becoming homeless by ensuring access to health care, childcare, job supports and other stabilizing services. 
  • Temporarily expanding sanctioned camping (off Denver streets) while working to evolve and modernize our shelters so they are welcoming and safe and have sufficient capacity. 
  • Unlocking housing inventory and building the diversity of housing needed to best support people emerging from homelessness. 

Regional Mayors’ Endorsement of Mayoral Candidate Kelly Brough’s Homelessness Plan

Mayor Adam Paul, City of Lakewood
“As Chair of the Denver Metro Mayor’s Caucus, I know the impact that the growing numbers of people experiencing homelessness have had on our communities across the region. I have read Kelly Brough’s plan, and it makes sense for Denver and for the region. I know she is the leader who can bring people together to end encampments and expand housing and sheltering in a smart, efficient and effective manner. “

Mayor Laura Weinberg, City of Golden
“Kelly Brough’s plan is focused on safety for all people in Denver – those who are unhoused and housed. She is not afraid to make hard decisions about how to allocate limited resources and when to end programs and approaches that aren’t working. She is  committed to ending encampments and creating more housing and evolving our shelter system, so it better meets the needs of the diverse populations experiencing homelessness. Her proven record of effective collaboration will be valuable as we work together across the region to end homelessness.”

Mayor Bud Starker, City of Wheat Ridge
“As Chair of the Housing, Homelessness and Hunger Committee, for the Metro Mayor’s Caucus, I support Kelly Brough’s data-driven and collaborative approach to address homelessness that is impacting all of our communities. Her compassion coupled with clear goals and timelines will be valuable as we work together to solve this crisis across the region.”

Former Mayor Herb Atchison, City of Westminster
“Kelly Brough’s plan is achievable, and I believe she will be an effective partner with mayors across the region to successfully reduce homelessness in the Denver metro region. “ 

Mayor Jackie Millet, City of Lone Tree
Kelly’s right-homelessness is a regional challenge that demands a regional response. Her plan is thoughtful and actionable. More importantly, she has the experience and leadership qualities necessary to take on this complex issue starting on Day 1.”

Marc Williams, City of Arvada

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